100 WC #7

HYPE BEAST BOY - novel #3

By: Alex

HYPE BEAST BOY was playing rocket league with.

Scrub Killa nd Squishy Muffinz and in the middle of a rocket league match he got a text from his mom it said i'm coming home from the store I got you your favorite dessert raspberry sorbet but then he noticed that his screen was cracked he knew his sister Luna did it.

HYPE BEAST BOY was so cross that Luna cracked his screen. So when HYPE BEAST BOY’s mom came home he said “mom Luna cracked my phone screen” and HYPE BEAST BOY’s mom was very mad at Luna.

100WC 6

Novel #2


HYPE BEAST BOY Bought his supreme Shoulder bag .So he went home to see is cat Oliver. After that he got his Xphone Z2 so he could call his friend Xenon (pronounced Zenon)

To ask if he wanted to go skateboarding at the spitfire skatepark but first Xenon came HYPE BEAST BOY’s Penthouse to play with Oliver and so they can both skateboard with each other to go to the skatepark when they came back from doing a bunch of 360 darkside grinds, treaflips and kickflip into grind. HYPE BEAST BOY got home and was about to get his $100 bills out of his safe

…empty. What a surprise!… his sister took his money… To be continued in novel #3

100WC 5

    HYP3B3ASTb()Y                             N()VEL#1

HYP3B3AST B()Y was walking down the street with his red bupreme hoodie. With his $1 coins in his pocket there was some pavement on the sidewalk so he had to jump on a ladder that was 20 meters (about 60 feet away) but good thing he had hops. but 10 of his $1 coins fell out of his pocket he watched his coins sinking into to the pavement.

So he went back to grab his blue bills ($100 bill) sohecangetasu

100WC #3

By: Alex Irving SaiyanBear