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Music is important to me. Because it helps me calm down, it helps me focus, it helps my mood. It helps me calm down by relaxing my body It helps me Focus because I get to listen to something I like. And puts me in a good mood.

It makes me feel calm. How does music make you feel?

The type of music i like is rap music. My Favorite song is, “Nowadays” by lil skies. Because of the beat and i kinda like the lyrics. I also like Lo-Fi music (chill beats) or “Hope” by XxxTentcion.

Lil Skies and Xxxtentcion are both rappers. The times I like to listen to music is when Xbox or on my Ipad. or when i’m outside.

What is your favorite music and why you like it?

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Hi my name is Alex I'm from Clayton Missouri. I have a twin sister we both go to Glenridge Elementary school I also have an older brother and a older sister. I play lots of sports I like basketball and soccer. I play soccer and basketball for Clayton. I'm a vegetarian. I like to hang out with friends and play sports and play video games. My favorite sport is soccer to pay but i like to watch basketball.

If I Were In Charge of the World Poetry

In class we study a poem called,
If i were in charge of the world. Here's mine:

if i were in charge of the world i would make jolly ranchers healthy i would have aI would have a fake fur bag chair Everyday would be fun If i were in charge of the world.I wouldn't have to write i could just  think of something and it would show up on the paper

If  i were in charge of the world There would be no pollution And no war. Animals could talk. There would be no diseases And everybody was rich.

If I were in charge of the world Drawing would be a subject in school Recess would be longer I would have a 52 inch monitor of my own With a custom controller

If only I were in charge of the world.